The right way to sell your house

Cash house buyer and property expert Ask Susan says: If you want to sell your house fast, and make as much as you can from the sale (And let’s face it, most of us do), then you may wish to know how you can go about selling your house the right way. Rather than just putting your home up for sale, making a few mistakes and hoping it all turns out alright in the end, you can boost your chances of selling successfully, and here’s how:

See how the market is doing

If the market looks to be in your favour, now may be a good time to sell. If it looks like house prices are falling, you may want to hold on for a short while, until you see some sort of improvement.

See what similar homes are selling for

It’s absolutely vital that you do this, because it means you’re less likely to over price, or even under price your home. Look and see what’s selling in your local area, and compare it to your home. Check to see if homes selling for a specific price are about the same size as yours, and in a similar condition too. Before you go ahead and ask for a specific price speak to at least one estate agent and see what they think.

Be open to have people viewing any time

First thing on a Saturday morning, or at 8 o’clock at night after a busy day may not be the ideal times to show someone around your home, or to have an estate agent there, while you sit and look busy, but trust me it can help. The more flexible you are, the more people will see your home, and that means you’re more likely to sell it. Make sure your home is clean, tidy, and welcoming, even if you’d rather be in bed, or sat in front of the television.

De-clutter your home

De-cluttering your home is a lot more important than you might think. No-one wants to step over your belongings, and no-one wants to look at a room that seems small because of all the things you have piled in the corner. De-clutter your home, have a sort out, and your rooms will open up, and look bigger, and that has to be a good thing.

See what needs fixing

Have a walk around the inside of your home, and then the outside. Make a note of those things that need fixing, and get them sorted as soon as you can. If you need to call a trades person in, do, fixing that hole in your door, that leaky pipe, and the garden fence could potentially add another thousand or so to your asking price. You may also want to think about giving your home a new lick of paint too, trust me it will brighten the place up.

Listen to your estate agent

Your estate agent is going to be full of particularly useful advice, so use it to your advantage. Make a note of what they are saying with regards to the sale of your property, and ask them questions if there’s anything you’re not sure about. Your estate agent isn’t just there to get your home sold, they are also there to make your life easier. If you’re not sure your estate agent can help you, or you don’t have one as yet, then do a bit of research and find an estate agent with a good reputation, and a few years’ of experience behind them.

Be prepared to negotiate a lower price

Ok, so you may not want to sell your property at a lower price, but I wouldn’t rule it out completely. If someone offers you a few thousand less than you’re asking for, talk it over with your estate agent. If your home has been on the market for a while, you may have to accept a lower price in order to get a sale. If you don’t want to accept a price that’s £2,000 lower than your asking price, don’t immediately decline it, offer £1,000 lower than the asking price and see what the potential buyer says.

Knowing how to sell your home the right way really can make a huge difference to your overall experience, and the price your home sells for. You’ve probably seen all those DIY shows that tell you what you can do to make your home look so much better, and you’ve now been given a few more bits of advice, which means there’s no excuse. Do what you can to make your home look so much better to potential buyers. Let them visit you early on a Saturday morning, or at 8 o’clock on a week night. Have the right attitude when it comes to selling your home, and you could soon find that you’re being paid a nice price within a short space of time.

The wrong way to sell your house

There’s a right way to sell your house, and there’s also a wrong way to sell your home. When it comes to selling your property, you should be aware that you need to do a lot more than just put the ‘For sale’ sign up outside your house. Having your house up for sale could be a lot of work, but if you go about it the right way, you could make a quick sale within a period of 6 months. But, if you go about it the wrong way, you could find that your home still hasn’t sold after a few years.

So how can you sell your house the wrong way? Here’s how:

Assume that it will sell without trying to sell it

This is a real mistake as selling your home takes more than just putting the ‘For sale’ sign up on your lawn. A lot of people do assume that having a sign up will do the selling for you, but it won’t. These days you need to go on social media sites, and mention your home is up for sale. You also need to ensure that a photograph or two of your property is displayed in your estate agents window, and on their website too. This will give your home a better chance of selling.

Ask for a price that’s just too high

We all want to make as much money as we can on our homes, after all, we’ve spent a lot of time in them, and we feel a little sentimental about them. My advice when it comes to asking for a particular price, is to make sure it’s similar to other homes in the area. So, if 2 bedroom terrace houses sell for approximately £175,000 in your area, yours won’t sell for £195,000 just because you want an extra 20 thousand.

Asking for a price that’s just too high will put people off. If you can legitimately ask for an extra £20,000 because of the extension you’ve added on, or the gold plated bath you’ve added, then all is well and good, but just don’t expect people to pay more for a home that’s the same as the others in the area.

Offer viewings just once a week

When I sold my last home just 2 years ago, I knew that I had to show people around it no matter what time of day they wanted to arrive. I did have to get up before 7am so that I could be dressed, and breakfast was washed up before the prospective buyers turned up at 8am. I also knew that if someone wanted to visit my home at 9pm, that I should be happy to show them around, or at least let my estate agent show them around, while I did a spot of paperwork in the office.

If you don’t let people come and see your home when it’s convenient to them, you’re likely to turn away sales. I know it’s not great having to let strangers into your home after you’ve had a long day at work, but you’re more likely to make a sale if you do. Suck it up, deal with it, and accept that it’s a part of selling your home.

Leave your home exactly as it is

Even though you may not be very untidy, you should do what you can to make sure your home looks good when people come to see it. If you don’t add that touch of paint, and you don’t mow the lawn, then your home won’t look as good as it should. If you leave your home untidy, and dirty, most people will be put off, and will simply look elsewhere.

Assume the new owners will do the repairs

The extractor fan in my old bathroom needed repairing, so I repaired it. I could have left it to the new owners, but they may not have wanted to pay good money for a home that needed repairs doing to it. I know that there may be some minor repairs to do, but doing them could mean you get a little more money for your home, or it just sells quicker.

There is a right way and a wrong way to sell your home, and going about it the wrong way can lead to a lot of frustration. We all see homes being snapped up because the sellers have offered a reasonable deal, or the home is in immaculate condition. Your home doesn’t have to be in the best condition around, but you do have to make the effort to sell it, and make it look more appealing to potential buyers. Trust me, the more effort you put into selling your home the more likely you are to sell it at a good price, and sometime soon.